wonder studio

Scientific understanding through art education

Science and art 

Natural wonder studio is dedicated to exploring all things fascinating through art education and scientific inquiry.

The way we explore the world around us can truly help us connect to the fragility and resilience of nature.

Natural Wonder Studio provides programs that combine field trips, development of visual arts skills and esteem building experiences that help us identify how integral our relationship is with our environment.  

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field trips and studio time

Field studies are year round and our curriculum is closely aligned by the seasons and what is immediately available to us.

Studio explorations will move through many techniques, 2D art skills developed alongside extended experiences in 3D sculpture and ceramics, print making, digital art and photography,

With science at the core of our investigations we gain insights to nature using a variety of media and mediums with connections to Botany, physics, biology, chemistry and geometry.

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creating & applying the knowledge

How we might demonstrate our discoveries may conclude with small exhibitions, community exercises and some citizen science  programs.

Students can use the program to add to their port folio for advancement in art and science college requirements as well as civics.

WA state core standards are also in consideration with most of the programs.



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About Us

This program was created with the intention of finding wonder in nature whilst learning about science through art. The fields of science and art compliment each other and when we look into either discipline there are so many interconnections yet to make between creativity and academic knowledge.

Art and science naturally mesh when combined in a learning exploration process. This often leads to finding new insights, possibilities and inspiration to regard some of the more complex problems we face for the future of the human race and caring for our planet.



Combining core learning through interdisciplinary methods these workshops and field experiences can lead us to truly observe and appreciate the many ways that we can connect to our environment. 

macro and micro 

A variety of observation techniques and tools are used to really see the specimens we are exploring.



finding the wonder

The most important pathway in deepening our learning is to find the wonder first.

Processes we might use in the field are guided by each individuals curiosity. 

The experience that we take away from our time in nature always has some impact. It can be incredibly valuable when we have something we create and learn from in responding to our encounters creatively.

Our Location

We are based in Seattle though courses are run starting at a variety of parks and studio spaces. Many courses are set up for students to meet at different locations.

Some transport can be provided depending on the destination.

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